Our chocolates
are available in three
delicious flavors

Gila Gila
Chocolate and caramelized almonds

Chocolate and almond bar
with a coconut,
vanilla almond butter topping

Our standard chocolate almond bar
with traditonal Jawanese
Spices:  ginger, cinnamon,
lemon grass, pandan and vanilla
Chok Chok Chocolate on HelloBali Magazine
"I found it not quite by accident, as Warung Geuro is the family distributor of one of the islands' best chocolate bars, Chok Chok Chocolate. All organic and super-healthy, in Europe it might be called artisanal, but I call it magic. It's chocolate so rich in goodness you can eat it for breakfast, and some people even say they have lost weight by eating it. It comes in three flavours and the only imported ingredients are the almonds. The packaging has Balinese artwork on it, and, since the quality is given the okay by the Australian quarantine department, you can take it home to share with friends."